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Finally, a financial program that actually works! The reality is that managing money is a process that is not understood by many; and it's not easy. At True North Financial Ministries we understand this and that's what makes us different. We are committed to:

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Week 4 - Developing a Budget (Part 3)
Week 5 - Savings and Eliminating Debt
Week 6 - Generosity (and Course Review)

It's a New Car!

It's a New Car

Pamela Brown, a graduate of our Money Academy has been working very hard to get her finances in order following her divorce. Mike and Karen have worked closely with her over the last year to eliminate debt and help her keep her head above water. While she has a job in a local clinic, her paycheck is being garnished to cover an old debt. For the passed year she has been getting around town via city bus and has been in desperate need of a vehicle. In late September, we had a car donated to the ministry. After some minor repairs, we delivered this GEO Prism to Pamela free of charge. This is one more example of how God is working through True North Financial Ministries in unexpected ways! Praise God!

Mayor Berry and Mike
Mayor Richard Berry and Mike Cosgrove

Mike recently interviewed Mayor Berry on KNAT channel 23. They spoke about plans for improving the downtown area, changes taking place after the November elections and the impact of the new Albuquerque budget.

Don Harris and Mike
Councilor Don Harris and Mike Cosgrove

Mike recently interviewed District 9 Councilor Don Harris on KNAT channel 23's program "Joy in our Town".

Golden Rule Story
Our friend Maddie Martinez-Vega from PNM
shares about the Golden Rule and True North
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